Microsoft ASP.NET Solutions

ASP.NET is an advanced web framework that employs HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Created by the software giant, Microsoft, currently its v4.5 is in use. It is used to build dynamic websites and ingenious web applications. ASP.NET was developed for integration through XML web service standards using file formats and protocols like UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration), WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). It can also be used for creating Web API's and mobile sites.

The versatility of ASP.NET enables software developers to use it to design a great range of websites. The levels of productivity with ASP.NET are optimal. The programming model of ASP.NET empowers software developers to produce scalable and robust applications which can vitally help the functioning of an organization.

ASP.NET implements the MVC (Model View Controller) Pattern and offer features like: -

  • Rapid application development
  • Reusable graphical components
  • Flawless and quick coding
  • Cross compatibility
  • Freedom to interconnect the web application with Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, etc.

Our Core Areas of Expertise

  • Custom ASP.NET Application Development
  • ASP.NET Programming
  • ASP.NET Application Testing
  • ASP.NET AJAX Development
  • LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to Entity
  • Custom CRM Development