Java / J2EE Solutions

Java has become the de-facto standard for building enterprise applications. Evolution of the Java Enterprise platform through the community process has made it intricate and feature-rich. There is a need to proactively monitor the Java Enterprise technology platform to provide effective IT solutions to customers. Java development is one of the major experience domains of ThinkSys. ThinkSys team specializes in Java and J2EE custom software package development. Over 30 years of experience in working with Java allowed ThinkSys to accumulate profound understanding of Java technologies and unrivaled experience in making cutting-edge technologies serve our customers' needs.

Java platform development services are:

  • Consulting
  • Design and architecture analysis
  • Java application development for mobile and web
  • Java applications development
  • Business solution development
  • Java-based project life-time maintenance
  • Customer support

The Java development platform is one of the oldest in the world. It has been officially released in 1995. Since then in has been tested, upgraded, extended, used by a dedicated community. Java community in one of the largest in the world and its numbers more than 6.5 million developers.

Value added proposition of WebSparrows Solutions

  • Puts application development on fast track
  • Provides a cost effective & scalable solution
  • De-risks Java Enterprise technology adoption and standardization needs
  • Brings the benefits of new tehnology adoption as soon as they are available